Cai Yong professor of Florida International University and the Institute of food and environmental science and the Faculty of academic discussion
2014-05-17 10:29  


    May 16th 1:30 pm, the teachers and the study of American Florida International University professor Cai Yong and the food and environment of college students for the academic exchanges in G01-W104, chaired by Vice President Liu Lifen professor of food and environment.

    Cai Yong, 1995, employed in the Department of chemistry and biochemistry, Florida International University, in 2009, he became a lifelong professor. The United States Florida International University chemistry and biochemistry professor and researcher at the center of the University of Miami southeast environment, marine and freshwater repair center Visiting Fellow, a visiting fellow at the Research Center for eco Chinese Academy of Sciences Academy of Sciences, Chinese overseas experts, a member of the academic committee of Chinese Academy of Sciences Research Center for eco environmental chemistry and toxicology of state key laboratory.








    During the talks, College of food and environment teachers respectively to Professor Cai Yong introduced the research direction of the research on the intersection field are discussed, the two sides to strengthen understanding and academic cooperation laid a good foundation for the future.

    Author: Yang Qiao





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